Cadiovascular Interventional products

Coronary stents

PTCA Balloons


Guide Wires

Bioabsorbable Coronary Rapamycin Eluting Stent

Nano plus ®
intravascular drug-free (rapamycin) eluting stent system

Partner ®
Intravascular Drug (Rapamycin) Elution Stent System

GuReater ®
Cobalt-Based Rapamycin Drug-Eluting Stent System

Ultra-thin support beam; new generation degradable coating; 4.5mm diameter specification setting

Biguard ®
Rapamycin Drug-Eluting Branched Stent System

H-Stent Stent
Delivery System for Coronary Artery Dilation

Sine curve-shaped support mesh ring, support beam thickness design (85μm) .

Hoper ®
PTCA Balloon Dilatation Catheter

The outer diameter of the head is only 0.017 ‛‛ ; the short shoulder design at the ends of the balloon ; the special Mark inlaying process .

Tadpole ®
PTCA balloon dilatation catheter

The surface of the product has a "hydrophilic coating" ; 1.5mm small diameter specifications ; special Mark process , the balloon body material uses PEBAX

NC Tadpole
non-compliant PTCA balloon dilatation catheter

Hyperbaric Mastoid Balloon Dilatation Catheter

high pressure balloon dilatation catheter

"Tongue" connection design; POP marking technology; Hydrolubric hydrophilic coating; push rod design.

High Pressure Balloon Dilatation Catheter

high-pressure balloon dilatation catheter

CTO balloon has an outer diameter of 0.015 ", a minimum diameter of only 1.1mm, a streamlined gradient design;" tongue "connection design; POP marking technology; Hydrolubric hydrophilic coating; the angle between the balloon push rod and the guide wire exit Design less than 4 ° ; burst pressure of CTO balloon up to 25atm 

PTA Balloon Dilatation Catheter

The catheter tip has a conical shape and a tapered tip design ; balloons with a diameter of less than 5.0mm use the 3-lobe folding technique, and balloons with diameters above 5.0mm use the 6-lobe folding technique with a small outer diameter ; Design .

Ultraskin ®
contrast guidewire ( ultraslip )

Achieve 1: 1 twist-control transmission; tungsten-containing polyurethane sheath .

Single-use guide wire

Sailor ®
PTCA guide wire

A nickel-titanium + stainless steel guide wire .

Smoothrough ®
PTCA guide wire

PTCA guide wire registered products.

Angiostar ®
single-use coronary angiography catheter

1: 1 twist control and kink resistance; three-stage design.

Convoyer ®
single-use guide catheter

targeted perfusion catheter

It is suitable for percutaneous targeted interventional diagnosis or treatment of fluid perfusion in diseased tissues, and provides selective contrast diagnosis and selective drug treatment for coronary artery branches.

Thromsweeper ®
thrombus aspiration catheter

Thrombus aspiration catheter is used to remove thrombus in coronary arteries with a diameter of ≥1.5mm, and to determine the presence of thrombus or blood vessels suspected of thrombus by angiography. This product includes the body and accessories .

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